Examples Of Proficiency In Dungeons & Dragons

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We’re playing live while blogging and writing books at the Dungeons & Dragons game release, by following along online and participating in game content.

I had to start posting my notes on the other blog because it’s getting too busy and my D20 Beta Dragon Adventures is taking off, that is what they are talking about at the game.

Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons 6E has been update to new proficiency bonus rules when it comes out, the first pre-book gets released by this summer (?) “Monsters Of The Multiverse”.

Here is an example of Character Proficiency vs. Weapon Proficiency Bonus.

In order to use these rules in the adventure the character must request the game play or the Dungeon Master has to say it’s in the game and write it into the adventure.

A character “race proficiency” generates a “bonus” skill set specific to that character, that is an overall bonus.

That was removed from the next version and opens the game up to more expanded play.

For example the Character Bonus may still be there anyway…now the player can use the character skillset for example…making their own sword or magic item.

The smart character has blacksmithing and steel honing skills, the time between turns you can build your own sword or magic item, the “meditation time” takes place between rounds.

Then you can spend the time “honing your own sword”, “potion”, or “magic item” which is in the game anyway….but it’s hard to use.

Now when you choose the option, you can “create your own weapon proficiency bonus” by honing your own sword, then during the attack you can meditate on the sword to “charge” it for a higher proficiency attack during the actual fight for a higher attack bonus, plus you made your own weapon.

Remember, when you create your character the “story line” of the character has to say “blacksmithing” then when you go through the game you have to pick that first and do that the whole time, getting items to build you own weapon.

As a player YOU have to decide to play the game that way and the Dungeon Master has to write that format into the adventure and make it for the players at their request, that is how you use the feature of the game, you have to intentionally pick that direction in the game and follow it the whole time in the adventure.

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