Dungeons & Dragons: Ability Check / Difficultly Class Rule

I’m just play testing the new One D&D on Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle and Monsters Of The Multiverse and doing some rule analysis.

I mean, people may not like One D&D but in a couple years it’s going to be the version 6E release so if you like to design D20 RPG Games like me and also Dungeon Master then you’ll like One D&D.

They also had all this for the 5E Release I mean, the play test period…then by making webpages and participating in the game your rules could make it into Dungeons & Dragons for your RPG game.

This only happens one every several years in Dungeons & Dragons so now is the time to play if you want to follow along live.

When I really think about it I think that Ability Check / Difficulty Class Roll probably won’t be in the game long term.

The standard process of the game’s interaction you check to see which Ability you have to unlock a puzzle in the room / dungeon in the game, then you check your ability score on the topic such as find secret doors or something then you check your bonus +3 for example.

Then you need 10 – 15 on a d20 dice to guess the answer….your d20 roll +3 must be at least 10 or 15 to “win” the scenario.

When I played Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle I used the RPG Dice Roller App on my Galaxy Phone for the five characters and this is what I got…two got it right out of five but I assumed all had the ability because it was the early level of a Starter Set.

What I mean is, you get out of five players is two are guaranteed to get it right on the stats table.

I mean you only need to guess one correct answer for the whole party…but if you roll for each member you’re going to get 1 or 2 out of five almost every time so that scenario is pretty much a guaranteed free “win” for the party.

Then adding more advanced rules makes the adventure more challenging for the Ability Check / Difficulty Class Rule but I really think this area needs some large improvements and a new game function or setup for the Ability Check Process because the current one kind of gets old fast because it gives guaranteed group rewards on a one in five chance if all players have the same ability.

This area really needs to be developed in the game, how to enter the basic room and challenge and interact more fluidly with the game scenario in an easier manner I mean.

So I can see this rule coming out in a future version of Dungeons & Dragons and a better game function rule for players to replace it to make the combat and magic sections easier and more interactive for each specific player and game scenario.

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