D20 RPG Future Rules: No Dungeon Master Terminology?

I’m just reviewing the rules for the D20 Open Gaming License Agreement that you have to post on your game when you use their rule sets.

It’s not really confusing, if you know how to build an RPG itself.

For my game I am promoting that it runs on official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (abandoned) proved by our new game patch on my rules set DRAGON ADVENTURES.

That means DRAGON ADVENTURES Beta runs a version of Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that I have updated for DRAGON ADVENTURES that includes my patch.

On my game, the players get walked through the steps of the RPG adventure more like a board game structure with narration of the story, then players get to use the official rules on a short hand rpg game version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons like “Magic Cards” – DRAGON ADVENTURES.

Back to D20, which there are now tons of games coming out which I knew there would be a mad rush of RPG games at some point.

On my page, that owns an official to itself on my private business an update Advanced Dungeons & Dragons patch, I wrote on the page D20 – Beta and released it from the abandoned game, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Tribute Page www.advanceddungeonsanddragons.com .

So, on their documents you’re supposed to post the documents stating the D20 agreement even if you make a free game….

On my page, I haven’t picked my sections yet so it just says D20 Beta…then go look it up because I didn’t choose my sections for the license yet…so you need time to put the beta together before you pick your sections for the license agreement….

That’s what this blog is, I am writing about what is going in my game release for example when it’s finished, for the the test game only says D20 Beta and the blog is about the content going in…later I will have the release documents posted when I know what sections are going in the game.

Remember, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is abandoned….you can’t include that in the release, I say I use the 5E Rules Release (you can use 4 or 3.5 as well) that gives you the dice and the combat sections and monsters etc.

Then the rest of the rules are mine and you don’t have to specify, then mine come from DRAGON ADVENTURES updated Advanced Dungeons & Dragons code on the Beta.

What I mean is I say 5E on the release to get all the current functions, then I add my own.

DRAGON ADVENTURES Beta runs Official Advanced Dungeons with a Patch on NEW DRAGON ADVENTURES short hand for the game like “Magic Cards”, then you play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons full game expanded from my private expansion patch on a walk through format, that is MY original content.

So my game is 5E Ruleset with my own content – based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons abandoned model that was abandoned plus my expansion.

I have released these rules on DRAGON ADVENTURES D20 Beta page.

So you can use my rules set on D20 as an updated version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons of short hand on D20 which is my original code based on Official Updated Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Then the basic tables for the names and monsters come from D20 on 5E Rules.

Then all you have to post is the section in the release agreement is what you use that Hasbro has released, for example 5E rules…then everything else I added was from an abandoned game or original content.

So when you ask, is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons code on the 5E agreement yes it is because you only need the basic game function from Hasbro which are the same as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Then you either use functions you make up or like me from an abandoned system.

So I jumped right to 5E code to expanded shorthand of Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons which is my DRAGON ADVENTURES code.

You say 5E to get all the names, then my game code for DRAGON ADVENTURES is short hand Advanced Dungeons & Dragons which is original content based on abandoned rules.

Using my rules on D20 you can play a quick setup version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, know my code is a current updated version of their original code, the rest of the rules come from 5E on D20.

Then that’s it…you can just publish that if you followed the release instructions.

Then what about the Dungeon Master?

The document says you can’t say “Dungeon Master” on your D20 game so people call it “Game Master”.

Since the game is switching to D20 to me it looks like the term “Dungeon Master” is coming out of the game.

The role in the game for example in mine has been switched to “Narrator” with a walk though method for a game board like Monopoly or something, then you play official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons on the game board walk through.

This way you use official rules and get to play all parts of the game, by using the game board and rule set like the Monopoly Board Game while still making it an adventure RPG.

The “Dungeon Master’s Guide” then just becomes the index to set up the game board, which it really is anyway….and the term Dungeon Master loses its meaning, you also can’t use “Beholder” the creature on the cover of the 5E Monster Manual but all other monsters are on the Open Gaming License.

On DRAGON ADVENTURES I am using the narrator method where the Players Handbook contains the walk through and help material to let you play official adventures like along to the Monopoly rule set on that board game.

For example, move all Dungeon Master’s guide material to the reference section of the Players Handbook and change it to “map design” section and then eliminate it from the game.

Then on RPG games like mine the Narrator can read the adventure from the Players Handbook walk through method and also use multiple character sheets to play along on the adventure.

Prediction…in the future there will be no Dungeon Master or Dungeon Masters Guide on D20 as the game shifts to more full player compatibility.

The game narrator and all players will have more options, game boards and access to a full rules set game.


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