Opinion: Smaller Comic Book Companies Will Close Over Superman Public Domain, Parts Already Available


In the next fifteen years, also with comics switching to have digital version at Marvel etc., only comic book companies like Marvel and DC will be able to continue.

Superman 1940’s plus comic news strips are already available as public domain.

The next release 2037 will see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Joker released as public domain.

I mean how will smaller companies be able to compete with Marvel and DC then when small companies rely on artwork and big ones on text.

I mean who will read smaller comic book companies material when the bigger companies can now produce full professional text Superman novels and stories for their comics.

When top writers can all make the Superman and Batman comics soon their stories will outsell all smaller comics lines leaving them with probably no sales.

So look for upcoming comic company bankruptcy, as they head into the new era of Superman where their stories and comics will be abandoned because people will only want the big comic written by large companies and they will be the ones to get the sales when they start producing Superman and Batman.

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