New Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Table Top

New Dungeon Master tools include a new “virtual table top” to allow players to play Dungeons & Dragons online over webcam.

The new “DM” of the future?

This software may allow online gaming from your own home over internet webcam but can the Dungeon Master handle these new tools?

Not only does the Dungeon Master of today have to handle all aspects of the game now they also have to manage the virtual table top game software over webcam.

This allows the Dungeon Master to run the game over the internet on webcam to show the adventure map as it unfolds during game play.

Characters get to see the map for the adventure on the software as the game progresses and the Dungeon Master gets to unveil the map slowly over webcam.

Is this too much for typical Dungeon Master?

Managing the game and running the new virtual table top may be too complicated for the average person, plus you will need a new high speed internet connection and solid computer to stay connected to the game while playing online.


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