Comic Book Fan Script Update

For my Book Series draft Space Command and I making a comic book fan script, here is the storyline and reference material to show what my book series will look like when it’s fully developed.

The series The Uncanny X-Men was dropped, I got the name for my fan script.


For my series refer to “The Uncanny X-Men” comic book series until 2011 when it was relaunched, notes on the internet changed to “series ongoing” but this was cancelled now they run a brand new X-Men.

Also visit my Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Fan Script At: based on cancelled early 1980’s NBC Television Series “Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends”.

Marvel Girl follows Bobby Drake, Peter Parker and Angelica (Firestar Mary Jane Watson) to University after the demise of The Original X-Men in 1975 to kill Mary Jane after she killed her partner Sunfire and absorbed his power at the conclusion of The Original X-Men in “Giant Size X-Men #1” 1975.


A fully recovered Wolverine now has his full memory back and healing factor has turned his steel skeleton into organic steel.

Wolverine now questioning the motives of a vanished Professor X ignites a war with the humans after the incineration of Jean Gray Marvel Girl in 1983.

This leads to a split in the human / mutant characters and The Uncanny X-Men must battle The Hulk and The Avengers as they lead the restarted sentinel program.

The New Mutants join Wolverine and The Uncanny X-Men as the young new first time hero characters are assembled together by Wolverine during the trip while running from the humans and the sentinel programs.

Wolverine leads the team back to the ashes of the 1970’s series The Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga to find out where Jean Gray was when he had no memory, there the team is helped by the West Coast Avengers who have been in a fight with their New York rival Captain America and The Avengers.

This leads to Hulk vs. Wolverine and X-Men vs. the Avengers in the background setting which is the refference material, in a decade long series leading up to the 1987 mini series “The Uncanny X-Men: The Fall Of The Mutants”.

Also covering 1970’s / 1980’s “The Uncanny X-Men vs. The Fantastic Four”.

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