NEWS: Dragon Adventures Discovers New Rule Combinations In abandoned “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” Original System


Just jumping right in on this topic DRAGON ADVENTURES on D20 has just become OFFICIAL ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and now OWNS it’s own set of ORIGINAL OFFICIAL RULES for ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS….all new rules playable and released on D20.


What I mean is the Original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game system, TSR started out with this system…monsters couldn’t play above Level 10, so they scrapped it and made 2nd Edition.

My new DRAGON ADVENTURES game patch has officially appended the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons original Players Handbook to add the rules abandoned by the original game – or the value locations for the game expansion.

Meaning to me like 500 books worth of characters and adventures all official and not named in the expansion settings all official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

The game did not work above ability score 19 but they tried to release a book with the values in it and it was never completed…the Unearthed Arcana expansion slots and slots for all books for over 19 ability scores – unlocked on my patch calculations.

This was not my intention on D20, to own Official New Original Rules from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons….meaning DRAGON ADVENTURES is the same system as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons on D20 because of my patch and owns all the new levels just discovered.

Here is how this happened….

I studied the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook, the incomplete game, it turns out there were “expansion slots” for an unused official game system.

By creating a new patch to run Advanced Dungeons & Dragons on my “game core rulebook” on D20 I unlocked secret level setting never developed by the original system…on D20 open source…so now I own the new rules that I made which is an OFFICIAL VERSION of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, on my own and PROVED by the expansion patch.


Imagine the original arcade games Pac Man or Centipede…

Let’s say they became open source, my patch would have unlocked Pac Man’s and Centipede’s “secret levels” by completing code abandoned on the original machine…the new settings fell out and and compiled a new official level according to the game chips and played as official Centipede.

Then by creating the “engineering framework” for unknown game development on the boards a level loaded and played a new original game.

The developer on open source would know how to make Official Centipede and Expansion Levels that would be Official on all new character slots identified by the circuit board.

If Centipede has forgotten character color maps in it etc, it could have dumped into the new level and compiled ten thousand new official Centipede characters that would be owned by the developer as Official Centipede characters for new levels that he owned PLUS if he copied the code to a new game all the material would be official Centipede characters.

That is what happened to me on D20 on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons….

I found a new game development code combination that allowed more levels to be run on the original Players Handbook that was abandoned.

Like this.

I added ability score column 2, so you use column one to play up to 18.

Then on column 2 you write in if you have 19 -25.

So you use column one for up to 18 play, and then column two for 19 -25.

On the second column this opened new options under intelligence for example that allowed the characters to play in “dual spell book mode” for the second ability score column that was a mirror of the original spell book the player uses at the same time on the second spell level settings for column 2 that allowed them to add Unearthed Arcana Spells starting at Level 1 for ability scores over 18.

That is a really big deal in Dungeons & Dragons, and I have released the code on my D20 beta game so you can play and see for yourself….

DRAGON ADVENTURES is Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and has invented it’s on original official rules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Meaning, when you add in my patch in the example above it expands the Players Handbook to play the new material and runs as official in it’s own Player’s Handbook.

Making it an official patch.

In the abandoned rules format.

That mean’s DRAGON ADVENTURES owns and runs an Official Version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons on the open gaming license and has created a new game patch to prove this by adding new original Official Levels into Advanced Dungeons & Dragons…that you can test now on D20 and use in your own game.

Now what?

I know it’s a big question, and I have to think about naming all those new official characters I found on the “official system” I got out the abandoned game.

All available for me to sell on DRAGON ADVENTURES!

What I will be doing and blogging about next on this page is the rules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and how my game patch can be used to make more NEW ORIGINAL OFFICIAL RULES to add to the original Players Handbook.

I mean…dual spell book is officially available in the system now on D20 from my patch…

Now I have to search the game and see what other areas of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons can be developed to see if any more new rules combinations with my game patch can generate more new official rules packs to add to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons…all these if found will be added to DRAGON ADVENTURES on D20 so everyone making RPG Games can use them as they are released.

Show this to anyone in the Dungeons & Dragons game group this post and they will agree that DRAGON ADVENTURES runs OFFICIAL ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and has created it’s own ORIGINAL OFFICIAL RULES for the game on D20.

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