The State Of Comics Today

The comic book industry is slumping, that’s before the covid pandemic…like most media now everyone is on digital.

You get two scenarios…one is it’s a good time for collecting comics during an industry downturn anyway plus everything has stopped because of the pandemic.

Apparently a lot of these sales aren’t reported but it looks low, I mean comic book companies are going to be trying to get you to buy stuff from them but as usual they might now have the money to be able to afford good writers and the comics might be worthless.

This is a common trend in comic books, sales fall off and they can’t afford scripts…just like in Hollywood and they lose all their customers.

With no customers that means no plots because they can’t afford writers, that’s when the comics struggle…plus companies can’t keep those huge story lines going for years, remember they need those comic strips in the paper everyday, every once in a while they’re going to run out of ideas and staff and the business will struggle.

This page Dawn Forged Cast is a mainly Marvel Comics page, current subsidiary of Walt Disney.

Marvel itself now has to be on a larger company now to be successful plus they also have Star Wars and that’s Marvel.

On this blog I’m going to be throwing out some tips and information I come across just as points of information to remember – like this, they said they might scrap the three last Star Wars movies as the time line…stuff like that. just remember that for later.

Just like major league baseball who came out with all these rule changes that were coming into effect and they didn’t do them, like the “shift” play that they announced was being scrapped they changed it, why make all these big announcements just to not do something?

It just makes it look cheap and uncertain the whole business…just like Star Wars and Marvel.

Uncertainty, lack of sales, covid…

I recommend Marvel Unlimited if you’re a comic book fan, it’s like $100 a year or something or a few dollars a month for all their current releases on the digital format…like music streaming platforms only it’s comic books.

I mean according to them by their sales figures the actual comic book isn’t worth anything anyway, sales are down meaning no big name writers.

Then they made all these bizarre script ideas.

That’s all the same thing.

They’re the official version, not me…I’m writing fan fiction which is huge right now in “fandom” they call it, maybe some business guy will will want to buy my scripts to pitch to Marvel from his business, like some agent or something.

Like they’ll write anything anyway, so I know they’re looking for pitches for plots, movies and stuff.

Anyway, according to Marvel that’s official anyway…I mean with their “multi universe scripting plots” that they wrote.

If you don’t know several years back Marvel changed their format to everything takes place in every dimension possible all at the same time, that’s so they can do whatever they want in the story without hurting the original characters.

Remember they gotta keep them daily comic strips coming somehow.

Like to expand their idea base, well if that’s true I’m in the fan fiction section of their new multiverse…that’s what I own…Fan Fiction Universe One.

According to them that’s official Marvel if I say that because of their open scripting, like I’m coming in from one of their alternate dimensions in their comic books…the fan fiction one.

Yeah but I can’t print anything, that’s one of the rules of their new multiverse, so it’s just fan fiction and story pitches.

Who cares, it’s all digital now anyway.

Like I said, get the digital comic subscription if you want to read the comics and not buy the printed version that’s the better deal.

The new comic series I recommend to read right now new on the shelves is Star Wars: Bounty Hunters.

That’s the new current stand out to me, it might not be as good as my script plots and I don’t know if it’s any good yet or not but I actually have time to write this stuff because I’m not writing some huge production that’s due for print every morning like Marvel.

Now I have to plug my new rpg game Dragon Adventures that runs on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

I put the first guide book up at

but it’s not done yet, if you read the main rules already posted you can start playing a head because it runs on Dungeons & Dragons, probably any of them.

The idea of the game is that it is like a quick start version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to allow you to get going in the game right away. assuming you already know how to roll the dice for combat etc.

The game gives you the manual on how to create the strongest characters in the game without rolling the dice and enter top difficulty game play right away.

The books read as a walk though of dungeon master and player at the same time and then only uses the official rule books as reference material while you play along on the adventure to get you to the best part of the game right away.

I mean why would you spend all your time rolling the dice to make characters and then try and figure out the manual for combat and playability, that gives you weak unbalanced characters and you can’t get far into the game and get the big rewards.

Dragon Adventures builds the characters for you and equips them using the best features of the game for the strongest characters and then leads you through the adventure as a “walk through” with all the advanced rules included so you can play the hardest games with the best characters.

Then you use the official rule books as reference material to look the rules up as you play while following the guide, then dice rolling combat section everyone knows how to do most of that anyway so Dragon Adventures gets you to the best part of the game right away.

That’s using the rules you know anyway and then walking you through the advanced rules in the adventure manual while you play so your learn as you play.

Like this, the first book is The Quest For The Golden Arrows…you have to play this adventure first to learn the game.

This is the adventure to get the Golden Dragon Slaying Arrow from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Remember, there is only one in the entire game…then no one knows how to play the game and get the secret arrow that’s located in the back of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

It is the Arrow Of Slaying….these can be any color for any monster in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

However. there is only one golden dragon slaying arrow in the whole game.

That is the reward in Dragon Adventures – The Quest For The Golden Arrows.

This is an official version of how to win the arrow from the official rules of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, after you get that it’s compatable with all Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games and modules and you can take your character into any other game and use it.

That is the kind of adventures you will be playing in Dragon Adventures.

Now back to comic books….

Giant size X-Men Number One from 1975 is worth twenty thousand dollars, that was the relaunch of the X-Men.

The original X-Men went through this drought of today after it’s launch and by the 1970’s it was just running reprints apparently until it’s relaunch in 1975 with Giant Size X-Men Number 1.

Another script I’m doing is Marvel Girl.

That’s from the original X-Men before the relaunch.

Marvel Girl is also known as Phoenix and Jean Gray – from the original X-Men.

Now according to Marvel Comics new multiverse plot scripting if you say this it’s official…that’s because they wrote all the characters back stories decades later under the multi verse format.

After the demise of the original X-Men , Ice Man moves to New York City to live with Spider-Man and Firestar while attending University after leaving professor Xavier’s school to make way for Wolverine and them in Giant Size X-Men Number One.

That’s the Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends story line.

In the 1975 relaunch of the X-Men from Giant Size X-Men Number One two new characters.

Marvel Girl (Jean Gray) is now missing or something.

Two of the new characters Sunfire and Thunderbird only last two missions before Thunderbird is killed and Sunfire leaves.

Sunfire makes a brief appearance with Firestar, Mary Jane Watson, on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and they have the same powers!

Marvel Girl who is not in the story as far as I know then this must have happened:

After the demise of the original X-Men Ice Man moves to New York City to to go University with Spider-Man and Firestar on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

Marvel Girl now missing after the 1975 X-Men relaunch (Giant Size X-Men Number 1) must have killed Sunfire and Thunderbird after their first two missions and absorbed their powers becoming Phoenix – a combination of herself as Marvel Girl, Sunfire and Thunderbird.

Sunfire made some appearances after the X-Men including on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends with Firestar but I am not sure of the timeline or circumstances.

Leading to my X-men and Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends fan fiction cross over.

Marvel Girl kills Sunfire and Thunderbird after the demise of the original X-Men absorbing their powers to become the Phoenix.

Now Phoenix returns to battle Firestar the old partner of of Sunfire who she killed and took his power who is Mary Jane Watson in disguise to kill her and take her power as well and battle Spider-Man and her old X-Men partner Iceman in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

That is what my Firestar script is about…stay tuned, I will be posting my scripts here later on in a different section when they are finished.


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