UPDATE: Action Park Old Location Mountain Creek Resort New Jersey

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This is a link from my research blog page, I found the old location we used to be at in the 1980’s and 1990’s in New York.

It’s Action Park Route 94 Vernon, New Jersey.

That’s where I used do my old comic promotions and Dungeons & Dragons stuff and I worked at Action Park.

Today I’m based in Halifax, if you’re from New York and into theme parks and comic stuff that’s the location you know me and my old promotion from.

That’s all closed now I started a new one, so if your in New York it’s Action Park New Jersey but I am based in Halifax now and the old promotion in Vernon is closed.

I know a lot of people know me from when I used to work at Action Park, today mine is Music and Comic Book Pages.

Today the resort is Mountain Creek Ski Resort where I visit but no longer work when I go skiing.

RE: Action Park

I remember what happened at Action Park, just for notes from my desk for my business research for MY business, like gatesnotes.com for Bill Gates…Only for this post only.

Action Park was based in New Jersey in a lower income area in a state with less theme park regulations for income revenue.

Then guests were often less educated than visitors to more expensive theme parks and were more reckless with kids drinking underage at the park with teenage staff.

However, Action Park was live monitored by “state gaming” of whatever the regulation like the judges to watch the riders come down and it was actually much more regulated than it was on the tape and looked more like and Olympic Swimming Pool finish line setup.

Park monitors had to stop the rides if there was an incident and all times they said it was the victims fault somehow the accident.

Like running in right fast showing off from a poor neighborhood and recklessly jumping off the cheap equipment, including behavior like taking babies down the rides and getting in accidents.

My summer jobs and stuff I worked at Country Clubs and places like Action Park doing shows and “helping out” with people I knew who worked at the park with the business group or something.

They would stand outside the park aimed at the poor neighborhood were they never had a theme park and would get all hyped up and run in and slam off the rides not looking and get hurt.

Teenage staff there also monitored the rides and I also remember this for NOT getting in the car and saying it that they used to put tennis balls in the go carts to make them go like 50 miles and hour and then drinking under age on site and getting in accidents.

On the water rides they had bumper boats and motor boats on different tracks, then they used to carry the bumper boat behavior over to the motorboat track and hit each other off the motorboat track like a bumper boat and then were using the watersides as a launch pad and shooting themselves into the air and getting killed in front of the park monitors who had to stop the ride.

RE: Action Park

Well it took a while but I found some clips, this is where I used to do work at in the 1980’s Action Park Route 94, Vernon New Jersey.

In the clips that’s what  I used to do, like the Country Dancing in the theme park.

That’s one of the original Paramount Theme Parks in the 1980’s, this is the specific one and people might remember that because all these people got killed there when they first opened and they had to shut it down and restart.

In the clip the giant rock wide water slide had to be closed and pulled up because people got killed on it…NOTE, I’m just going from memory and saying that I think that is the location, if not I still worked there.

Anyway, they had to close it….people might remember the stone water slide after it was closed but they weren’t allowed but don’t quote me, if it’s not that it’s one like it but I’m sure it’s Action Park.

Today that is Mountain Creek Water Park in Vernon, New Jersey.

That is also Mountain Creek Ski Resort where I used to work and do ski stuff the same things in the 1980’s and 1990’s when it was called something else…so if you want to know where I go skiing and used to do promos at for my family when they worked there it’s Mountain Creek Ski Resort today, clips coming in the next posts.

I think what happened then was Paramount opened theme parks in the 1980’s and then advertised them with Star Trek with special effects on them and then a mad rush of people ran though the park thinking they were in Paramount Cartoon and were turning into a comic book character and ran into the park and jumped off without looking and got killed by hitting their head in shallow water, you can see them in the tape below all acting nuts on the giant wide water slide they had to shut down.

Edit: Right, I had to dress up in costumes and play boy and girl roles at the show to take the pressure of the kids who wanted to be on camera, so I did mine first then the kids weren’t scared to get on the camera, today those kids are probably failed actors like David Spade and Kevin Nealon I can’t remember, when I did the backdrops. 

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