Dungeons & Dragons: One D&D, New Players Handbook Playtest

LINK: http://www.advanceddungeonsanddragons.com/dragonsadventuresstormwreckisled20beta/

Here is my updates One D&D Playtest link.

Use Pre-Made characters from Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle and then add character origins from Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything, Xanathar’s Guide To Everything and One D&D Playtest Material or for Dragon Adventures settings make new characters with all 18’s for Ability Scores from Players Handbook 5E and then update new character origins.

When making your characters this is for Unearthed Arcana levels for the next version of Dungeons & Dragons, new Dungeon Master’s guide out in 2024, use basic settings from Stormwreck Isle with premade characters, then use the Rules Expansion books above to make their character origins and Unearthed Arcana Backgrounds from the new playtest and then run the characters on the adventure module Stormwreck Isle Starter Set.

When playing Dungeons & Dragons go by the year date for the latest version because new books are backwards compatible.

The next newest adventure would be Dragonlance: Shadow Of The Dragonqueen.

After you run my Dragon Adventure One D&D Playtest, use your characters to play Dragonlance: Shadow Of The Dragon Queen with the character sheet test settings from the new Unearthed Arcana Players Handbook Playtest.

This will update your Dungeons & Dragons character to the latest versions, this will change when the new Dungeon Master’s Guide comes out next year, in the meantime there is supposed to be more playtest material.

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