Dungeons & Dragons: The Kraken’s Lair Or The Mind Flayer’s Dungeon, Which One Is More Scary? Monster’s Of The Multiverse

First a Kraken is a Sea Monster….a Mind Flayer Is also some kind of sea looking creature.

In the new series Monster’s Of The Multiverse you can play monsters as characters.

What about the rest of the monsters in the book, the ones you can’t play as characters?

Learning these aspects of Dungeons & Dragons can help you with character development to build a better background for your own RPG Game or Campaign Setting.

Applying the new rules from the Monster’s Of The Multiverse book to the monsters you can’t use and adding new character backgrounds from Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything and Xanathar’s Guide To Everything you can update the monster in the Monsters Of The Multiverse books Bestiary section.

Meaning, Monsters Of The Multiverse is not just for creating new playable monster characters and new monsters for Dungeon Masters, you can use this book to create new character backgrounds for monsters in the Dungeon Master section to help you build better backgrounds for your campaigns.

Player’s can also use this for practice by making backgrounds in the game for non playable monsters that can help them make character sheets for the new playable monsters from the first section of the same book.

That is my point, the largest expansion in Dungeons & Dragons has no character sheet section so players have to figure it out for themselves.

After you learn how to make your Playable Monster Character Sheet you can then use this guide to make new character origins and backgrounds for them from other books in the Rules Expansion Set including Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything, Xanathar’s Guide To Everything and Volo’s Guide To Monsters.

To make your character sheet from Monsters Of The Multiverse you’re supposed to modify a human character to match your selection from the monster list.

Then the weapon on the character turns into a monster’s weapon and magic features.

What about the backgrounds for the rest of the character sheet?

Let’s look at the new rules expansion and add background characters to monsters to see what they would look like as playable characters.

Let’s use the Mind Flayer and the Kraken.

Monsters Of The Multiverse shows us the Kraken Priest…a possible overlord to the Kraken which is a sea creature.

The Kraken Priest has 75 Hit Points and uses Spell Casting and Lightening Attacks where he experiences “The Voice Of The Kraken”.

When I am assuming guide him during his spell casting.

Checking the new reference guides Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything, Xanathar’s Guide To Everything only Volo’s Guide To Monster’s could offer me any help.

At this point an internet controversy about the book was resolved as the duplicated material that appeared in two different books in the set was exactly what I needed to play the game.

The entry in Volo’s Guide To Monsters was a duplicated monster reference from Monsters Of The Mutiverse of the Kraken Priest.

Jumping to the Monster Manual I have to look up a Kraken to see what it is.

After reading the entry a Kraken is obviously some kind of leviathan or dormant octopus like sea creature known to attack ships.

Backgrounds in this section include legends of leviathan, his mortal foes and lair which the Kraken Priest appears to be one of them.

The Mind Flayer is also some kind of octopus like creature with advanced psychic powers which turns out was similar to the Kraken Priest.

The similarity was the Mind Flayer reported to the Elder Brain in the lair, a disconnected brain of a Mind Flayer that controlled the lair.

The Elder Brain character was also heavily referenced in Volo’s Guide To Monsters.

Obviously, the Kraken’s lair is more scary.

That is how you can create better character sheets for your playable monster characters from Monsters Of The Multiverse.

You can take topics learned from adding character backgrounds to monster characters from Volo’s Guide To Monster’s and the Monster Manual to help expand your character’s backgrounds.

Later you can then add extra bonuses to the Monster Character Sheet like other player character characters that have been around longer and are more defined in the game.

Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything and Xanathar’s Guide to everything had no information on this topic which was only resolved in Volo’s Guide To Monster’s.

This helped us get new background character information for the characters Kraken and Mind Flayer which were connected to a larger Sea Creature storyline where the Kraken Priest and the Elder Brain also existed in their hives.

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