Spoiler Alert? Wolverine Revealed As A Girl In New X-Men Series.

Looks like my X-Men fan script is gaining momentum, in mine Wolverine has recovered his full memory and returned to his 1980’s costume and his healing factor has turned his admantium skeleton into organic steel making it his real bones.

Disney’s Marvel has now announced the All New X-Men listing Wolverine as in the cast with Sunfire and Marvel Girl…but in the picture Wolverine is a girl!

Note claws and yellow and blue costume.

It looks like the new X-Men includes the all new female Wolverine.

You can’t even look this series up on the internet, I mean how out of date are those search engines? You type in “new x-men” and it’s all outdated material on the search engines from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

If Wolverine’s a girl now in the new Disney X-Men series why do they have all these congruity errors already?

Two claws?

I mean com off it, why would a female Wolverine only have two claws?

Their not boy claws on a girl character leaving only room for two claws, they’re are supposed to be three claws if Wolverine is a girl but they are just supposed to be smaller.

I mean, get an editor please….female Wolverine’s three claws are just supposed to be smaller, they need to stop cutting pieces out of these characters during these conversions.

Female Wolverine? Where’s the Third Claw?
They’re Supposed To Be Smaller Claws Not Less Because He’s Female Now.

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